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Large Boats
All rentals are cash only. Deposits for larger boats and other purchases may be paid for on a credit card, but rentals are cash only. Rentals may go out at sunrise and must return by 4 pm. Rentals are not allowed in the Ocean, around the tip of Sandy Hook, or in the Raritan Bay. Renters are responsible for all damages done to the boat during the voyage. The red line is your boundary, A represents Schupp's Landing.
Boat Rentals
Schupp's Landing sells Valvtect Marine fuel with additives included. 24 hour fueling is now available, credit card required. We carry TC-W3 motor oil as well.
Marine Fuel
Schupp's Landing sells:
Live Killies: $13 a pint
Frozen Squid: $6
Frozen Spearing: $6
Frozen Bunker: 3 for $5
Rigs, hooks, and sinkers too
Bait and Tackle
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Schupp's Landing
Boat Rentals, Bait, and Marine Fuel